About us

Security lending has been used as a finance option for hundreds of years!  When times are tough and you have stuff that is of value, but you don’t want to sell it, security lending is a very good option.  The security lending, or pawnbroking, industry is all around the world and is of particular interest now with the explosion of TV shows like “Pawnstars” and “Hardcore Pawn” bringing the often colourful days trade into your living room!


We are a licensed second hand dealer and pawnbroker, so we can buy goods from you outright as well.


Fast Money has been providing finance to the Waikato since 1999.  We have a great reputation is fair, reasonable, good rates, and generally providing great service.  We continue to trade from Norton Road in Frankton, where we kicked off trading all those years ago.  Our repeat business is testament to the trust we have in the community